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Our Services and products

engineering design

Engineering Design

From the concept to mass production, all the engineering required for any advanced mechanical systems and machines

Advanced Engineering

Advanced engineering solutions whatever it is the technical challenge


Numerical simulations for structural analyses, computational fluid dynamics analyseswith any type of complexity

Data analyses

Whatever big data you have, we can make a statistical elaboration to get out any possible results

Research Projects

If you need to make some scientific or technical research on any engineering technologies we can make the best effort

Customized Software

We can create whatever software you’re thinking about for any type of industrial requirements

Advanced Solutions

We can customize advanced solutions with image processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 3D reconstructions, Thermal Analyses, and whatver new algorithm you need to develop

Human Interaction Interfaces

We can propose any solution about interaction between humans, robots and whatever machine


If your need it is code a common robotic arm or create a robotic machine to make some autononomous specific task we can do our best job

Virtual and Augmented Reality

We master the applications of Augmented Reality for maintenance and industrial training

Industrial Layout Optimizations

If your purpose it is to set up machines in the best way to optimize production we can simulate your layout, optimize it and apply the best way

Whatever technical challenge

Whatever technical challenge you have in your company, we’re sure to make the difference

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