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We Are A Group Of Professional engineers, designers and scientists

SD Companies srl is a company founded in mid-2019 as an innovative start-up with the mission of improving human activities using technology and engineering. With a strong academic and industrial background, extending from mathematics to engineering, from computer science to finance and statistics, at SD Companies we know that nothing is more human than an artificial creation. We put all the passion into our work to find technical solutions considering the well-being of human life in any aspect, especially if important technical challenges are required, pursuing the continuous human desire to improve, explore and evolve man. SD Companies srl is based in Altamura, Italy, very close to where the culture of the European Union originated, as Pythagoras developed one of the fundamental theorems of geometry only a few kilometers from here. The close link with Italian culture is only the basis for opening its operational activities all over the world, having a network of collaborators that include the most varied diversity of cultures and languages.


Vaibhav Shirsat


Vaibhav is currently serving as the Sales Director for SD Companies. With over 17 years in Sales & Business development, he excels in creating partnerships, negotiating contracts, and establishing strong international relationships. He has an MBA in Marketing and Finance and a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. He has been living in Germany for 8 years.

Saverio Debernardis


Saverio, the founder and CEO since 2019, leads the company with a wealth of experience managing projects worth over one million. With a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, he has spearheaded numerous research projects and developed prototype devices in AR, AI, robotics, and industry 4.0. His strong technical background is evidenced by multiple published scientific papers, patents and his role on the editorial board of Springer’s Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games.

Mario Gabelli


Mario is the CFO of the company and covers many other aspects related to the administration, accountability, fiscal registration, financial management solutions
and business strategy. He got a master degree in Business Administration with a specialization in corporate finance.
He evaluates business cost reduction strategies, public deeds to be exploited to strengthen the business, and he is also responsible to evaluate export/import taxes and declarations

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Company Mission

Improve the world by technology beyond imagination

Company vision

The development of technology is the way to change human conditions and enhance the human experience

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