on-demand consultation

advanced engineering


Engineering challenges are our matter. We provide engineering consulting to study and solve not common engineering issues specifically in the field of mechanics. We provide solutions about materials, vibrations, design optimizations, energy and fluid dynamics to overcome the state of art up to patented solutions


Numerical simulations and data analyses


We know how to run numerical simulations to solve different design conditions and reach an optimal solution whatever is the topics like structural analyses, computational fluid dynamics, plant layout optimization and industrial processes. We do also statistical analyses useful for many cases, like scientific, industrial and financial investments



SCientific research projects


We’ve been involved in many scientific projects funded by governments or private companies to help scientific community to advance in knowledge and experimentation in different fields. We are full connected with many research centers and universities mostly from EU and some from USA

customized software


We can create whatever software you’re thinking about for any type of industrial or user applications. We can customize advanced solutions with Image Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Reconstructions, and the combination of algorithms the specific solution requires. We master innovative developments of Augmented Reality applications about maintenance and industrial training.


robotics AND HUMAN machine-interactions


We provide solutions to apply autonomous systems to robotic applications  or combine mechanics and software using artificial intelligence for the machine of the future. We have experience to deal with development of new innovative interfaces to enhance the cooperation of machines and humans


Any technical challenge


Whatever technical challenge you have to solve, we’re sure to make the difference for your solution. We are problem solvers and solution finders. SD Companies is able to provide some complementary expertise required to face your technical challenge for sectors like aerospace, military, marine, agriculture and livestock, industrial processing and entertainment.  Overcome technical barriers of state of art and advance in science is our matter, also leveraging our network of external consultants from the best research centers around the world



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